Our terms and sales conditions together with your order, confirmed through an order confirmation or a receipt, constitute the total contract basis for the purchase. These provisions apply as a binding contract for goods and services purchased via beitostølen, over the counter in the ski centre, and directly from an agent.


1.1.       You must be 18 years or older to place an order on Beitostølen. This applies for all products and/or services that can be ordered on the website in question.

1.2        Check that confirmation you receive is in accordance with the order. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the contract/order confirmation is in accordance with the order.

1.3        Beitostølen disclaims responsibility for errors that guests make if they have not followed our terms. The terms protect you as a guest and Beitostølen as the distributor.

2.        ORDER

2.1.      An order is binding as soon as an order number has been given to the guest and payment has been made. It is the guest’s responsibility to check that the arrival and departure dates and other information that is significant for the order, are correct.

2.2       You will receive an email when you have placed an order, provided that you have used a correct and valid email address.

2.3       Beitostølen and our collaboration partners are responsible for ensuring that your login information is not misused, re-sold to a third party, or in other ways distributed without your consent.

2.4       When you place your order you consent to receiving relevant information from us via email.

3.        PRICES

3.1.      All prices are given in NOK (Norwegian crowns). The agreed prices are binding for all parties. The prices quoted by Beitostølen are subject to printing errors.

3.2       Beitostølen reserves the right to make changes to the price due to increased costs of procuring goods and services, increased taxes, or other circumstances outside the control of the place of sale.

3.3       The prices quoted by Beitostølen are subject to printing errors.

4.        PAYMENT

4.1       Upon placing an order, the whole amount may be paid in full or partly, due to purchased products, services and number of days prior to arrival. All bookings purchased through our call center, will automatically be charged a fee of 150 NOK or 15€.

4.2       Beitostølen uses the payment system from Nets and you can pay with Visa or MasterCard. 

4.3       Bookings with 49 days or more before arrival
The deposit, a fee of 25% of the total sum of accommodation and other products/services + cancellation insurance, is due 1 day after the booking date. The final payment (75% of the booking value) is due 49 days prior to arrival. Orders not paid in full upon arrival may be cancelled. 

4.4       Bookings within 48 days or less prior to arrival 
All products in the booking should be paid on the day of booking, in any of the payment options are shown online. 


5.1       All cancellations of accommodation/activities/experiences/services must be sent in writing to Beitostølen at info@beitostolen.com.

5.2       Cancellations of accommodation and/or other services, where¬ the following applies: 
For accommodation and/or other services cancelled 49 days or more before arrival, You will be charged a fee, the deposit of 25% and an adminis¬tration fee of NOK 200 or € 20.
For accommodation and/or services cancelled 41 days or less prior to arrival, You will charged a 100% cancellation fee, equal to the total price of your reservation.

5.3       Changes in dates and/or accommodations must be made within 42 days prior to arrival. When the booking is made 20-0 days prior to arrival, the change must be made maximum 5 days after booking. In every case an administration fee of NOK 200 or € 20 will apply.


6.1       Beitostølen and our sub-suppliers will not be liable for unsatisfactory weather conditions, closed facilities, or other conditions that lie outside the ski centre’s control. We make reservations about pricing errors, descriptions of services and technical problems that can occur.


7.1.      Lift passes are personal and cannot be transferred to another person.

7.2       A new season pass/year pass can be purchased for a fee of NOK 100, plus an keycard for NOK 100.

7.3       There is no right of return for lift passes.

7.4       A lift pass can be destroyed without replacement in the event of misuse or breaches of the alpine ski run rules.

7.5       Compensation will not be paid for unforeseen operational stoppages, e.g., bad weather, power cuts, faulty machinery, etc.

7.6       Parts of the competition runs can be reserved for competitions and training.

7.7       An key card is obligatory for all types of cards due to the touch-free ticket system. If you do not have an Key card, one can be purchased for NOK 100 in addition to the lift pass price. This is not relevant for single trips on the cable car, a paper ticket is used for these.

7.8       Children aged 0-6 get a free lift pass if a helmet and Key card are used. All children under 7 years must have an Axess card with a valid lift pass. The free lift pass can be downloaded onto the Key card in the Ski Shop.

7.9       Guests are responsible for presenting a discount coupon/voucher/gift voucher/student ID before a lift pass is purchased. Refunds will not be given after payment has been made.

7.10      There is not right of return/deposit for Key cards.

7.11      Guests are obliged to familiarise themselves with which lifts are running and which runs are open before a lift pass is purchased. Refunds will not be given after payment has been             made.

7.12      Guests are obliged to assess weather and skiing conditions based on their skiing/snowboarding skills before a lift pass is purchased. Refunds will not be given after payment has been made.

7.14      Beitostølen is responsible for making information available on which lifts and runs are in operation.

7.15      Refunds in the event of illness or injury; in the event of illness or injury, the pass user will be entitled to a proportional refund of the pass expenses for the time that the pass cannot be used. The injury or illness must be documented upon request by a doctor’s certificate.


In collaboration with Alpinanleggenes Landsforening, ALF.

8.1.    We want all our skiing guests to use a helmet, show consideration to other skiers and snowboarders, and follow the sensible skiing rules. It must be safe to ski at our ski centre, we are all responsible for how we ski.

8.2     Responsibility to avoid injury: You must act so that you don’t injure yourself or others.

8.3     Adjust your speed to the conditions: You must be in control, adjust your speed and method to your skills, the terrain, snow conditions, and traffic in the ski runs.

8.4     Right of way: If you come from behind (from above), you are responsible for avoiding a collision.

8.5     Overtaking/downhill skiing: Skiing straight downhill is prohibited apart from during organised training. If you pass another skier/snowboarder, you have to give the person in question sufficient room for both controlled and uncontrolled movements.

8.6     Starting, skiing into, or turning upwards in a run: If you ski into or turn upwards in a run, you must ensure that this is done without any danger to yourself or others. The same applies for skiing after a stop.

8.7     Do not stop/sit down in narrow or blind areas.

8.8     On foot in the ski run: If you are on foot, you must keep to the outer edges of the run.

8.9     Ski stoppers/ski/snowboard leashes: Ski stoppers/ski/snowboard leashes are obligatory. Check that the bindings are set correctly.

8.10    Respect signs: Follow signage, markings and instructions.

8.11    Help in the event of accidents: In the event of accidents everyone has a duty to help. Witnesses and contributors are obliged to give personal details. Alpine skiing comes with a certain danger, therefore be careful. Drugs and alcohol and skiing do not mix. Breaches of the sensible skiing rules can lead to expulsion from the ski centre and the destruction of your lift pass without a refund.


Your personal protection is important for Beitostølen , and we take our responsibility for the security of your personal information very seriously.
We assume responsibility for protecting your personal information and practice openness on the information we obtain about you and what we do with this.
In order to reflect the most recent changes in personal protection law, and our engagement in openness, we have updated our Personal Protection Policy.


Beitostølen respects your personal protection and processes personal information as the data controller in accordance with the Personal Information Act. These terms give you information on how we process information about you.

10.1     We process visitor information. This is information that the server generates automatically when someone visits our website. This typically includes which pages have been             downloaded, the time, which page you came from, the IP address, type of unit (e.g., iPhone), type of browser and operative system. Visitor information is used anonymously for the operation and further development of the websites. If you enter information in registration forms, we will also process the information that you enter into the registration forms. This information is used to administer the services. Your email address can be used to send you advertisements if you have consented to this, or what is otherwise allowed under Norwegian law. In addition we process your enquiries and feedback if you voluntarily contact us or give feedback on our websites.

10.2     Links: Beitostølen.com can include links to websites that are owned and run by others. These personal protection terms only apply for Beitostølen.com. We are not responsible for how your personal information is processed on external sites.

10.3     We use cookies (information capsules). These are data packages that are saved on your unit. Our cookies are used to adapt the websites to your use and your settings, and to carry out anonymous surveys on user behaviour on the websites and register the number of visitors. Cookies can also be used for user-orientated marketing in accordance with the current law. You can choose to reject cookies in your browser. You can also choose whether/when you will delete cookies through a function in your browser.